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Long time no update news~ Sorry!! I've been working on little things, and my health has not been too great lately. ;A;

I've added a section for shinkou shuukyou gakudan NoGod! It has profile information, discography, lyrics, and a small gallery.

I'm also planning on adding sections for: Serial number, xJihadx, Hannya, Poitrine, Lolita23q, Noa, lynch., and more! Since the JASRAC-incident, I've decided to stick to the bands that really need help gaining more overseas bands -- smaller VK indies bands. (^^/

Also, I removed the 'fanworks' section, since no one's ever sent me anything to add to it. (^^;;

Last but not least, please check out my Aikaryu fansite!!


the Pumpkin head section added!! Yaaay. Currently I have up profiles and discrographies in both Romaji/English and Japanese!

Since I had to remove a lot of my stuff (see note on welcome page), I'm trying to work hard on the site to make up for it. So expect more updates and more sections to go up!


Updated with new lyrics!!

Phantasmagoria - 神創曲-Variant Jihad-

Only one for now, but expect the new singles' lyrics to be up as they come out. ^^

Also, I've removed the media section. I've decided it would be better for everyone to just visit the bands' OHP and listen to them there, if they can. ^^


Happy new year everyone!! (Yea that's way late, shh.) I've been working on lots of updates!

  • Misc gallery updated with scans from Jan. 2006 Cure!!! (more to come later, also!)
  • Vidoll section: gallery added, only 2 pics at the moment.
  • More images added to Phantasmagoria Gallery.
  • Aikaryu section added with profiles, lyrics, and gallery already up!
  • Nightmare gallery added onto! 6 new images!
  • Gazette gallery finally updated! 26 new images!
  • Fatima gallery updated: 2 new pictures added!

A lot of updates this time! Maybe some of you saw a few of them already!

  • Phantasmagoria gallery updated: 36 images.
  • Vidoll section added; lyrics & discography only up at the moment.
  • D section added; profile, gallery, and lyrics up.
  • Gazette Discography finally fixed and updated (Japanese version added)
  • Re-added Misc section (very bottom of bands page), gallery up only at the moment.

Site Renewal!! This layout features Kisaki from the band, Phantasmagoria. He is also the owner of Under Code Productions.

Also, please check out the Phantasmagoria section for lyrics to their new single, 未完成とギルト(Mikansei to GUILT)!! Coming soon will be the English translations from their America (Onicon) only release CD, Splendor of Sanctuary!


D'espairs Ray's Coll:set lyrics added!

If you like them, please sign my guestbook? ;o; Or sign it anyway? :D;;


Guestbook re-added! Sorry it took so long! Please sign it! (´ー`)ゞ

More lyrics and new sections coming soon! I promise! (;x;)9


Another update! No lyrics this time, yet. ^^; Gomen.

The newest 3 photosets have been added to Fatima's gallery. Go check them out!


Update already! I've added the following lyrics:

MUCC - kokoro no nai machi [single]
Merry - sakashima ENDO ROLE - phantom of the gallery- [single]

More to come, soon!


New layout! n_n I hope everyone likes it, ne? Please tell me! I chose Sanaka of Fatima, to honour Fatima in their last months. ;~; I would have made the whole band into layout, but I did not have good group image. ^^;;;

MUCC's kokoro no nai machi lyrics have been added! Yay! Much more lyric update coming soon!


Updated with lyrics for Dir en grey's new album "Withering to Death." You can find them under bands> misc > lyrics - Dir en grey

Currently working on a new layout, so that should be up eventually as well. I'll also be adding lyrics to Nightmare's libido soon, too.